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Ourense is the perfect place to get to know the nature of Galicia. You will be captivated by its astonishing mountain landscapes. Come stay Princess Hotel for a few days and experience everything Galicia has to offer.


- Ourense Cathedral: This Romanesque building has been declared a National Monument. Its ground plan is characteristic of pilgrimage temples, such as Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. It is dedicated to San Martín, patron saint of the city, and has a beautiful rose window.

- As Burgas: Ourense is the thermal city par excellence in Galicia. As Burgas, its hot spring waters, date back to Roman times and expel water at 67 °C (152 °F). They have uncertain origins, for some refer to its divine nature while others point to a volcano under the city of Ourense. Nonetheless, everybody agrees that this natural phenomenon is worth visiting.

- Santo Estevo de Ribas de Sil Monastery: This is a Benedictine monastery dating back to the 6th century. A peaceful place with the beautiful Ribeira Sacra in the background.

- Allariz: This charming town has one of the best preserved historic centres in the whole province of Ourense.


- Puente Romano: Also known as A Ponte Vella, it is a Roman bridge, rebuilt in the XVII century and later during the XVII century. It has several pointed arches from the times of its first reconstruction. From there we can enjoy the amazing views over the city and the mountain horizon.

- Puente del Milenio: This is the most modern bridge of the city and it was built in the year 2001. It has several walkways and a spectacular curve that makes it a majestic lookout.

- Puente Nuevo: Its construction finished in 1918 and it has several stone arches. It was named that way by comparison with the Roman Bridge.

- We can also point out other important bridges and viaducts, such as the Puente Novísimo, the Pasarela del Vao or the Puente Codesal.


We can find two different áreas:

the Pozas de Outariz and the Burgas de Caneda, located at the bottom. In both areas we have 3 pools with hot water and one with cold water. The fluoridated and bicarbonated water is perfect to treat illnesses such as arthritis.

Take the bus line nº 5 or the road OU-402, if you go by car, and you will quickly arrive to the well-known Pozas de Outariz.